Spanish dessert

Submitted by enr on 12 Dec 2011
375 g of sweetened condensed milk (1 box)
3 eggs
100 g coconut
Spanish dessert
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Beat the eggs, add the condensed milk, then water (water is measured in the box of condensed milk) and finally coconut shavings. Take pan (24h11 cm) was covered with caramel, to cover court, pour the mixture and bake at 160C about 50 minutes in a water bath. After baking let it cool down and turn it into a tray. Very light dessert can be served with ice-cream.
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12 Dec 2011


kondenzadoto sweetened to and cup of Theia soda and caramel kakavo made custard.

No, obviously you did not understand, because the products still missing caramel. For the caramel is it? What you describe in the recipe and what you write in the comments, are two different things. In written comments, that is the same as caramel custard. Yes, but it is liquid only in the making, made of sugar with a little water, and then becomes hard as glass. A hard candy which is in supermarkets, is a milk caramel, dulce de leche, which is made from milk and sugar. Which caramel talking about? Cake looks easy and interesting, it would be a shame if you do not know exactly how it's done. Add and how your large baking pan.

I suggest the following link to this recipe - it is twice as much of the writing and the water is replaced with milk, but there are pictures and accurate description of what products and how to do - index.php? option = com_recepti & Itemid = 0 & func = rpdf & id = 320 recipe is in pdf format. My comment if xevi do not like it you can delete it.

A baking pan what size is it?

threads in my pan is 24 cm long and 11 cm wide

Thanks very'll try all products combine well, we still have to have a name that dessert in Spain?

but did not know his name so he baptized Spanish zashttoto still is there :)

Why in the recipe mentioned the addition of water, which is lacking in the products of the cake? :)

The water usually is not present in *necessary items*, so save a little space in this field. The other main reason is that everyone has enough water, ie is not something that should be available before cooking :)

Yes, but the recipe is not mentioned and how much water should be measured to you in the can.

I think implies 1 full box of condensed milk water, but if it guapa_80 confirm?

lasting myself on this recipe, but something I can not hold out. This dessert is said Flann. In the case of coconut. Flan with coconut. Caramel is just like custard, because Flann E custard. Insert the sugar with a little water on the bottom and caramelized on the stove and then banked so that the caramel to cover and merged to form. Pour the mixture and baked. Can put his whole vanilla pod vanilla, milk here is replaced with water ... to put coconut milk instead of coconut, etc. etc. Flan is one of the Spanish desserts and read a recipe, but to say you do not know how they say, is quite strange. By the way - each custard can be prepared in the pressure cooker - it puts water bowl with the cream (or bowls with cream) is placed at the bottom boil 3 minutes of two rings.