Spinach with rice

Submitted by enr on 07 Dec 2007
500 g spinach
1 cup Rice
70 g butter
1 cup yogurt
3-4 cloves garlic
Spinach with rice
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Spinach is cleaned and washed, then cut and stew in the butter until soft. Add rice and water. Boil until ready rice. In a separate vessel, a yogurt with crushed garlic and this sauce is seasoned dish.
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07 Dec 2007


is very tasty but I put a little pepper, red, fresh garlic put it to the dish and boil until finally add bunch of dill and mint

today I decided to prepare this dish. My family loves it. Try it and you!

Very tasty, and I add red pepper, tomato and bake in a pan :)

well done, the child very like it

You've been doing in the baking pan and put half an onion

It was really great. Where I do not like rhubarb and spinach licked his fingers. Only, I added fresh garlic, onion, tomatoes, pepper and paprika and mint.

Very nice recipe!

Yesterday for lunch I did and it is our favorite dishes :) I suffocate spinach and make it to drain, and in the pan in olive oil Fry fresh green onions and dill (chopped) and add the spinach, then rice and water and about 100g tomato paste and salt of course. We have also put yogurt. No wonder it :)

Easy and delicious :)

Yes, it is very tasty this recipe. The base is the same, every additional spices may be added to taste. Just a word of advice, do not mix so many flavors in one dish, spiking it with all the spices that you have.

A great recipe!

The recipe is really nice. If done in the oven after it has finished rice is made less topping + salt. Warm oil or olive oil, put a little pepper and 4erven spill on top of the stripes. It pleasant to the eye.