Sponge base for layered cake (revani)

Submitted by enr on 13 Nov 2011
6 eggs
500 g granulated sugar
500 g flour
6 tbsp water
Sponge base for layered cake (revani)
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Eggs are broken down with the sugar and water to completely dissolve the sugar with a mixer on high . The flour was added a little, reducing the extent of the mixer to a minimum. Bake in preheated oven at 200 C. While visibly not begin to change color and have a baked color does not open the oven. Try with a stick - it should come out dry. Leave the oven door open about 5 minutes. Remove, allow an additional 5 min in shape, then placed to cool completely on a wire rack.
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13 Nov 2011


and cake photo 2, 3, 4, are made on this recipe.

For most wonderful cake another beauty of neli1100

Oh-oh-oh-oh, thank steffanell :)

Great cake, great! Nelly Bravo!

i4eto3421, thanks!

neli1100, incredibly beautifully received! His master!

neli1100, to understand that these the 3 or 4 swamps out of these products? Or double dose! Thank you in advance!

The pillow is made of two doses, each divided into two marshes.

Nellie, thank you for this recipe - cake became great with this base, as well took the juice and it was super delicious!

John, congratulations decoration, I like! Thank you for your trust recipe! I am very glad that you were pleased!

Thanks! This will already be the recipe for cake, which I will use in the future, I'd like - easy and no failure. Until now tested recipes for sponge cake not I received. Thanks again!

And do not forget - my eyes were in this cushion - very fine workmanship and combination of colors!

Great basket of strawberries.

Many successful recipe ... I baked them in selikonova form and divided them into 3 parts ... any drink into a topping for ice cream and -karamel slepih and top covered with cream ..Sprinkled with grated chocolate and nuts removed ... Became Great cakes ... Who loves syrupy cakes, it may slightly syrupy latter must with sugar water 2 to 1 sugar .. Good luck!

colored mixture latter must cocoa, syrup sweetened slightly with lukewarm milk and 1 tablespoon spoon cognac. I used vanilla cream between the latter must and plaster and decked with strawberries and cream. Successful recipe! :)