Syrup brush elderberry (Sambucus ebulus)

Submitted by enr on 22 Dec 2013
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Syrup brush elderberry (Sambucus ebulus)
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Are harvested ripe fruit. Then they have a characteristic dark violet color. Not allowed green and unripe fruits because they are poisonous. It is desirable to be picked in the clean area. Depending on the area harvested from late August to early October. Raised shoots not pressed the fruits to Orono in the fastest way. Quickly and purely by way of a fork. It should be borne in mind that separates dark, strong staining juice, so you can enjoy and rubber gloves when handling. In order jar ranks fruit row sugar. Complete with a thick layer of sugar. On top is capped with an old cap, but not tightly, to as much as to not fall dust or lint in several layers. jars kept in the dark, about 40-45 days. If the bottom is undissolved sugar is mixed with clean and dry spoon to melt. The ready syrup is filtered through quadruple folded gauze, pour into bottles and refrigerate. Gets is 1 tsp morning on an empty stomach, 10 minutes before eating.
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22 Dec 2013


This syrup is very useful because it strengthens the immune system and helps to stop the development of cancer cells. Ina, thank you, that put the recipe here.

akva7, many rights! I've done years ago this fall dialed elder pure place and he prepared him again.

A syrup is a great herbal elixir, last fall put elder in a large jar with sugar and still have in the fridge strained juice. I think that thanks to him get away without illness this winter :)

Villas, nature gives us many cures, but we more easily glatnem pill, although most of them treat one another sick! I am very glad that the syrup has helped you! :)

After a few days I will syrup is ready. As I do for the first time and I read a lot in the net, totally confused! If someone can tell me how exactly should be stored. Do I need to be in a glass bottle? Can in plastic? And should it be dark glass (plastic)?

mimetics, I second year doing it in a glass jar 1, 8, fruits row, row sugar and so in the refrigerator. Made since this release as juice, strain and again in a smaller glass jar or glass bottle, it depends on what is the amount of juice back in the fridge. So prepared drink it in 1 tablespoon. lie to. morning fasting every day or several days if necessary to boost immunity or when you think of :)

Mimi, ready, strained syrup in a glass bottle in the refrigerator. It is not necessary that the screen is dark (which does not mean that if you have such a bottle, you can not enjoy it! :)

Villas, Inche, thank you very much, girls! Sunday will percolate the syrup. May be saved from evil viruses with him :)

You drink of syrup, even May thanks to him had to overcome more quickly and gently with several viruscheta :) Thanks for the recipe!

mimetics, it's great when you helped! That's what the goal! :)