Wine sauerkraut

Submitted by enr on 03 Oct 2009
10 kg cabbage - red or white
200 g salt
30 g of caraway seeds
1 handful of juniper shisharchitsi
50 g of mustard grains
quality white wine - 1.5 l
Wine sauerkraut
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Grate cabbage into very thin strips. Put it in a large bowl and sprinkle with salt. Starting crushing hammer for chops, for example, when you press and rotate to be highly abrasion. Crease is until release juice. To cabbage is added spices, without dill. Fill in jars in layers, alternating with dill twigs, their number of taste. Make up to put up with crushing juice is distributed equally in the jars. The juice does not fill the jars to the brim. In each jar pour white wine jar should be filled with liquid to just below the green. Insert the stopper, without envy, and the jars are placed in a tray or other container. Fermentation of caps dripping liquid, which so dripping tray. The jars are left in a warm (20 C) in the kitchen for example, for 3 days. Then leave to cool, about 4 weeks. When fermentation is complete, the caps are closed whole, no need for welding. * In the villages is made still in special wooden barrels, covered with a cotton cloth on top and put something to push cabbage, our babysitter had one stone for this purpose. Over time the cabbage shrinks, and the barrel is filled with juice. Tree of which the barrel is made gives an additional flavor of cabbage, as in wine. Even more common are clay vats for sauerkraut. * Spices can variirat by Kimball always present. Juniper shisharchitsi add incredible flavor.
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03 Oct 2009


recipes and unknown to Bulgarian cuisine, for her I talked my father, who lived in Berlin five years. Thanks for spomencheto.

That sounds super tasty, but where to find pine cones ...

In herbal pharmacies sell pine cones. Juniper is conifer and is very popular in Bulgaria. It is also called juniper. Cones are harvested in this season.

is written Olga - check in herbal pharmacies. And if you know the tree, and you alone to pick. Not only cabbage, and other dishes are used as give many delicacies and fine flavor.

Just ate cabbage such as we were now in Germany and I loved it. Will try it must!