Apple asks Pandora

Submitted by enr on 06 Jun 2009
210 g flour
1 tsp dry yeast
230 g sugar
100 g butter
2 apples - very finely chopped
130 ml milk
2 eggs
10 g vanilla
100 g sugar for sprinkling
Apple asks Pandora
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In court mix (by hand) the flour, yeast, sugar and the butter, until the mixture of crumbs. Half of the mixture was poured into a greased and floured form or deep tray. Arrange the apples and cover with remaining mixture. Beat milk, eggs and vanilla and pour evenly into pan. When absorbed (absorb) all the liquid sprinkle with sugar. Bake 40-45 minutes at 160C, until golden color.
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06 Jun 2009


Wonderful proposal will try.

cake tempting me. Will try it on weekends! To favorites is!

great cake! Already tried-not stuck ... One tip only even nicer is the following day.

I'm glad you liked it. Home is also a favorite.

Now I did a little will be put in the oven (set assessments will try it once). Otherwise, it is very simple and easy to prepare :)

great cake obtained (less collapsed at pulling), but I do not think I'll wait until tomorrow :)

Thank you, Desi96 to your meal!

It remains for me the best recipe for apple cake! Long ago I had made her, but last night could not resist! :)

A baking pan size?

I have prepared dose and a half, because the baking pan is a little higher: 24 cmRecommend the cake to be eaten the next day after baking, the dough must be given time to absorb moisture from the apples.

Last night I made today, it was very tasty with a crispy crust. I put and 1 lemon essence.