Artichoke with vegetables

Submitted by enr on 07 Mar 2012
4 artichokes
6 small onions
6 small potatoes
3 tomatoes
4 carrots
1 bunch spring onions
1 bunch dill
1 cup olive oil
1 cup peas - frozen
salt, pepper
1-2 lemon - juice
6 cloves garlic
Artichoke with vegetables
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Wash the artichokes, cut the hard part of the leaves and put in water with lemon juice to not turn black. During this time, wash and prepare the rest of the vegetable. In a large saucepan put the oil and fry the chopped onion, add the cloves garlic, grated tomatoes, carrots add some salt and pepper. Leave to boil for 3-4 minutes. Then add karchofite with handles up, small onions, potatoes, peas, dill and finally Chillies more desire. Add a cup of water. Cover with aluminum paper into the middle hole and sandwiching with a lid. Cook over low heat until the fat remains. If you do not have fresh onions can and an old onion.
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07 Mar 2012


What is karchofi and what can replace it?

With nothing to replace it is a vegetable that I have it in Bulgaria, most often sold but preserved but only the white part or frozen artichoke name is very tasty and useful removes cholesterol Tac wrote to him. You can cook white part only here but not sold only in fresh form.

For quite some time I wanted to let her recipe but I do not know whether it is in Bulgarian after my daughter asked him how to cook saw him in the market but not knowing what it was and therefore dared to put the recipe.

Steffanell, thank you very much. I've heard of this vegetable that in Italy many cherish it, but I did not know that when we have it in Bulgaria. I may have seen him in the markets, but do not know him, I have not paid attention to him.

Olive oil is olive oil guess or something in particular?

Yes, olive oil is. Can be replaced with any other fat.

flowers, great recipe and appetizing pictures!

But so so tasty dish given it to that person his priyazhda! As for culinary exhibition is!

Many favored delicious and stuffed with little 4esan, parsley and breadcrumbs, sprinkle with olive oil, pour a little water and boil to gitovnost.

Yes, and so are stuffed with mince and white sauce but only the white part of us we like and are very helpful.

We sa6to are our favorites. Will try them and this na4in, thank you.

I was not cooked artichokes and long I wanted :) Currently dish is the heat and smells fantastic. I bought not too big and not too much brown leaves artichokes. Can you give me any advice on how to pick artichokes in the future-large, small, with green leaves or does not interfere with the upper leaves are brown and cooking to be removed? Thanks in advance!

I am looking to have large leaves do not play a role in the center is something like a hair so I call them, they do not eat, can cook only the white part at the base by clear advance but is fun licking each petal until you get to the white part of artichokes but how it explained ...

I'm a treatment li4no there growmore elongated and squat, li4no I not found a difference of taste, just look. Try it.

In Italy there is a large selection, there I buy only the white part and do them with white sauce, but here where I have a type and then the season or can, in every way we are pretty much we love them and often prepare and marinated jar ends at once.

flowers, Mary, thank you for your advice and for having responded so quickly! The dish was very tasty! Upload photos, but I had no time for special arrangement :)

The pictures are very nice and the dish is as it should be and does not need special arrangement, congratulation for success.

Very nice look and taste no doubt. Well done.

Today, the cook, but onions, without garlic and tomatoes and frozen artichokes. One of my favorite summer dishes at home. Classics in Greece / sold frozen in semi supermarketite- αγγιναρες α λα πολιτα /.

That's how it became my dish / images /

Very tasty get! First cook artichokes and am happy with the result.

Gergana I'm glad that you were pleased. When I add beans and beans, any added result is excellent.

miss I tried to write