Baby milk with rice (8 months)

Submitted by enr on 10 Feb 2009
100 g rice
450 ml milk
7 plums
7 apricots
2 tbsp fruit sugar
Wash the rice in a colander (or strainer) until the water becomes transparent . Soak for about an hour in cold water. Milk boils, put rice and hot plates are minimized. Allow approximately 30 minutes to swell. The fruits are cleaned and cut into small pieces. Put to rice about 5 minutes before the end of cooking. Finally, the floor was added sugar and mix well. If the child can not yet swallow well, mess crease.
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10 Feb 2009


This recipe will sets up these days :).

Today I made it, but with a few apples and prunes, that it now has little choice of fruit. Eat is half of the child, half of mom :).

I am glad that you have been delicious! We are also fans of rice prepared in every way! In summer there is a choice, and can be done by any fruit. Well, watermelon do not know, but still. : -)))