Balls of cheese

Submitted by enr on 04 Dec 2008
300 g soft feta cheese
1/2 cup ground walnuts
1/2 cup Sesame
5-6 cloves garlic
Balls of cheese
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The feta cheese was crushed with a fork and mix with the walnuts. Add crushed garlic and pepper. The mixture was stirred and its hands are wet pellets are formed. They rolled in sesame seeds and put in the fridge to firm.
Very easy
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04 Dec 2008


This is a perfect appetizer for a glass of red wine in the evening! Bravo, I loved it!

Super tonight will test them as an idea and Ilianka with a glass of wine red.

Girls, mine are already in the fridge :) While I did marbles Think of what was going on - 1 tasting plate 2-3 :) Super are.

snowy, great appetizer wine! And quickly made (and quickly eat)!

Wow, only how they look very original. Bravo!

Super appetizer. Going for a beer.

Oh, that looks delicious. How not to make them. Bravo Sneji.

Amazing are so much easier, well done.

immediately catch Daggie do 0896881983 A look great pechelise sesame Thanks

Soon my birthday and I make them. They are great.

How can replace the sesame?

Sesame may be replaced with finely chopped roasted almonds (peeled).

And if you put butter and melted ...

I only added a little soft butter and a little cheese *cream* to give a fantastic yummy! Bravo for the recipe!

I really like the recipe!

Original appetizer wine, for the second time do today :)

Reviewing recipes for appetizers in the form of balls of cheese turned out that there are several that are very similar. However, this proved to be the closest to what tidy. By itself added mayonnaise that use with adhesive purpose and used the Roll ground walnuts and red pepper separately.

I also do such salty candy. Walnuts and sesame gently bake pan. Roll them not only in sesame but in poppy seeds, and finely chopped parsley. If the cheese is hard add some softened butter or cream cheese. I add finely minced sausage, but someone is ahead of me, and it gobbled :)

In some of the balls put olives. Once again prepare them. Very successful and easy appetizer!