Baskets stuffed with bacon

Submitted by enr on 20 Sep 2012
18 bacon strips
150 g cooked chicken (maybe rabbit)
150 g of boiled potato
50 g cheese
1 green pepper
1 red pepper
1 onion
2 pickles
salt, black. pepper, oregano or savory taste
6 eggs
50 g round ham sausage or other
200 g cheese
Baskets stuffed with bacon
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Curry favor with his 6 shapes custard aluminum or if you have a deep muffin trays, each ordered 3 strips of bacon so as to cover the walls and all go outside. In a bowl place the finely chopped chicken meat (I used here rabbit), finely chopped pickles, finely grated potato and cheese grater, season with salt and spices to taste and mix nice. In a pan put 2 tbsp oil and fry until soft chopped peppers and onions. Cut ham sausage 6 washers and place the bottom of each basket. Distribute the mixture on top of the meat one finger under the edge of the cups remain empty (2/3 height) and good seal. Then dispense 1 tbsp of stewed peppers. Fold edges of bacon hanging from the wall of the cups - A nice tap ledge and 1 egg. Sprinkle with plenty of grated cheese in large pieces (can put pieces of mozzarella or other hard cheese) and bake for 15-20 minutes in a preheated oven at 200C degrees. After poizstinat gently remove from trays and serve with a side dish suitable as a light dinner or alone as an appetizer. * For 6 servings
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20 Sep 2012
I used part of the recipe of the broadcast TV * bakery * Rudolph -


New temptation. As always complete with appetizing photos. Goes to favorites.

Thanks! Looking to write potrobno and photograph step by step so that is easy. Well winding me this bacon around the freezer so I was wondering what 'to do yesterday and watched Rudolph makes one such baskets, but ham and inside filled with spinach and fried onions, samo..yaytseto stole the recipe from his idea de..ama were received very vkusni..toku as even opatkah that sryazanoto..nyamah patience to wait dinner ..

I could not see the entire broadcast of Rudolph and write the recipe, so I am very glad that here suggest the idea, and it on your own. Everyone can improvise with filling. I put her in your favorite waits :)

Tilia I'll tell you the recipe of Rudolf, so he used the pan with muffin shapes which put in one large round piece of ham. Then sliced ​​onions 3-4 of crescents and choke them until soft in a little oil, season it with salt and pepper and then superimpose it in the basket, then put on top fresh spinach leaves, tapped 1 egg and then crush them and mozzarella constipated for 15 minutes in very hot oven, it is ..

Mariana, thank you!

xixixi MARINCHO, I'm not interested must go on saytovete..tivito my whole day of this channel and dropped almost nothing of what I interesno..ama it makes more sweets, which I do not excite me. But now 2-3 recipes I made on his idei..a did Rudolph always advises us to unleash their imagination and I follow his advice ..