Biscuit layered cake Go

Submitted by enr on 19 Feb 2010
400 g biscuits Go
1 cream starch (60 g)
3-4 drops of rum
1 liter milk
1 cup sugar
25 g butter
1 cup ground walnuts - for sprinkling
Biscuit layered cake Go
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Prepare starch milk, sugar, essence and the butter. Reddy cake - order biscuits, cream line and so to the depletion of cookies and cream. Sprinkle the whole cake with the walnuts and place in refrigerator for several hours.
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19 Feb 2010


Nelly, and what are these cookies Go? Like tea, plain, sandwiched with cream ...? A preparation probably not completed - do not use quotation marks. *

I do not know what I did, and I poblekuvala unfinished recipe. I apologize, I have to correct the error. The biscuits are not exactly tea, more rigid. Loose cocoa glued with aromatic white cream. I'm surprised you do not know them, have them in every shop. Rather lead biscuits for coffee.

I will try to do soon and will send you my picture being cut, piece and if used color starch other than cocoa is obtained interesting multicolored and complement the flavor of the cream of our cookies and cream is gets interesting taste.

neli1100, many users of the site do not live in BG, so that it can all know what cookies are Go. But the idea is good and will try!

Tomorrow I'm going to visit two children and decided as a courtesy to them do a quick cake and I tried to be precisely Biscuit Go, upload your photo of the cake, which decoration and Захарен fondant modeling figurines recipe of milniq (Milena)

Bravo! Amazing decoration, Nelly! However had to photograph and cookies for all to see those who do not know them!

I wanted to photograph the piece slit, but never really came across to -cut and one which I liked. On 26th svekito my PhD there. E will do this and will photograph and biscuits. For yesterday's used less biscuits and could not become good pieces, but again was delicious, with more cream.

I have shown biscuits picture number three

It took a nice big piece, because in January ordered the cake in a bowl and difficult, but I think well see the effect of the contrast of cookies and cream and taste and smell no words-is great. Starch is a lemon, I recommend it for the cream.

These are my favorite cookies. How I had not thought of replacing conventional with these ... So are you, and why so love you! Nelly thank you!

Great became ... :) But the cream did not do it very sweet, because cookies are very sweet and would be too sweet. But a matter of taste ... :) Here are some pictures of mine. 2 lines, because it was a test, but next time it will be great ... :)

cake was amazing, my glezankovtsi as they saw it gave me no time to leave it nice to tighten. Good for neli1100

petqanabel, very glad that you stopped this recipe, I really love her!

me without it will head made it and it was amazing

interest goes to favorites.

Hello, petqanabel can you tell me what your starch used, because I want to do the same starch as yours?

used cream or vanilla pudding, they are almost identical

betty88, I personally have used lemon Company Dion ,, ,, they are great, if you find, you will not be sorry :)

petqanabel, my I use also cream pudding starch. As I wrote bellow of Dion ,, ,,

Thank you, and petqanabel, and neli1100.

I'm very intrigued by this pudding Dion. When you get a chance could you upload a photo of the package to know what to look for?

to and I would like to package type

Nothing different, creamy starch, only instead Oetker, Bioset, Alto and others. like on the Bulgarian market producers is Dion. Looks like the usual starch. If you do not find it, do it with your favorite starch cream milk and butter. I'm just used this brand, so the recipe is written just cream starch :)

Thank you very much :)