Quick fluffy buns with delight

Submitted by enr on 17 Aug 2012
500 g flour
1 package dry yeast (500 g flour)
2 tbsp margarine
3-4 tbsp sunflower oil
3 tbsp sugar
1 tsp salt
1 cup water
150 g delight
1 egg yolk
Quick fluffy buns with delight
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Sift the flour in a bowl and make a well. It put the yeast, margarine, the oil, sugar, salt and cup lukewarm water. Knead the dough elastic and soft. Leave it to rise for 30 minutes. Then shape the rolls, them full with pieces of Turkish delight. Spread buns with egg yolk and bake in preheated oven - 180-190C for about 20-25 minutes. Buns are soft as cotton and very tasty.
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17 Aug 2012


I added vanilla, but basement with egg and a little melted butter. Buns with delight obozhavam- will be my afternoon coffee and soft delicious :)

Yes, Annie. And I add vanilla, but I forgot to put it here. These are - soft buns!

Very good recipe, with a portion of the dough made roll with jam :)

make a great ... From a dose leaving about 30-32 pieces.

borissova, congratulations for the recipe! It is very accurate and easy. Really mekichki ... perfect muffins were received. Next time I'll decreased sugar in the dough and will try with salty filling.

Again I made them, but replaced the water with milk, sugar and relieving filling made of egg and cheese. Fabulous is received. Thanks for shared recipe.

I am very glad that you like.

The most delicious buns! Thanks for the recipe! Were great, I sprinkled them with vanilla icing sugar.

Seeing delicious buns of watermelon and could not resist, last night I made them. Children attacked them immediately, just kept to put breakfast in the backpack of my son. :)

La Malinche, muffins are more than great! Today I made them, are very briskly, preparation and baking. Fluffy and delicious, next time double dose. All at home were enchanted! Accept greeting and my daughter, who is about your set. Good luck, my dear! Let us always in the mood and do everything with inspiration!

Photos will get next time. Today very quickly ran out, I could not react.

very nice comment! Thank you! Everything happens when made with love! Greetings!

melted margarine or is it not? Greetings for the recipe!

ivelina_stoikova, involve them muffins, margarine me is room temperature. Good luck!

They became great, thanks!

are really soft as cotton and very, very tasty!

made them pink delight -very aromatic and delicious!

became beautiful! Soft and delicious ... Thanks for the recipe!

These muffins were done tonight. Half of them did with delight, half - with jam. Above them sprinkled with poppy seeds and sugar.

are wonderful! We like. The next time, in a double dose. Thanks for shared recipe. :)

These muffins look irresistibly delicious! Put in *Favorites* and to ask whether you can replace margarine with olive oil or butter. Thank you.

margarine can replace oil - just be soft at room temperature, not melted.

Very tasty! Today I made them with strawberry jam. Became magical. Thanks for the recipe!

Great and were very tasty. Thanks for the recipe!

A great recipe! On Saturday it out were wonderful!

I made them again and again the same result. This time kneaded dough in a bread machine. Soft and delicious! :)

I'm very intrigued. I decided these days to try and I make them, you see what happens.

Very pleased will stay! To know what are the results! :)

but if you happen to delight chocolate instead? or with cheese, sausage ...

I've made with chocolate. Same great taste :)

many thanks for the reply :) Tomorrow I will make them and will boast :)

are great! very soft and very tasty made them with chocolate and some with sausage. my mistake was that I did one dose next time will correct: D Thanks for the recipe

I guess that could be involved on the day?

They are very good for the first time do rolls (even for the first time beat: D) ​​and received eeeekstra! :)

muffins, scones, kiflichkiiii became ...! .. Very vusno is putting it mildly. Before hour and a half came from the oven, and already half gone. :) Thanks for the great recipe! I put in lokumcheto and nuts. Upload photos and my buns. :)

Great photos! Bravo! I am glad that you like so much! Personally, I quite often do, because my boyfriend loves them!

bake scones, rise and smell great to see as cool, can not wait.

Only waited a cool, that is, without exaggeration, the most fluffy and delicious muffins I have ever done. I and bake bread today, but I do not kneaded two test so divided double dose dough I made for muffins (sugar scored separately with a little flour) and now bake and fluffy bread with seeds from the same dough and promises to be very, very tasty. Margarine instead of butter put. Huge thank Malina!

bread from this dough over today and Thursday will be doing another double dose. There is not a roll at the moment! :)

BlueCaramel I'm glad you like the recipe! May the family is satisfied! Best regards!

Many thanks to the successful recipe! All love them!

Very nice dough became extremely delicious is received!

Unique delicious buns were received! With thanks to the successful recipe!

Thank you all! Indeed, once I decided to improvise, it took that get perfect dough! :)

really tasty! I made them with cheese and melted cheese! Mmmm, gone! :)

are really fluffy and most importantly very tasty :)

Just tried one yet boiling. You should also keep a few until tomorrow to see how they taste, but is unlikely to succeed. So if someone has an idea, let's say. Thanks for the easy recipe! Very pleasant to work with dough.

Wonderful rose - made with cheese, chocolate and sweet wild strawberries! Amazing buns! Thank you for the recipe! :)

Please tell how many grams is 1 packet of dry yeast (500 g flour). I'm in another country and the yeast is another. Thank you!