Boat with skinless sausage and vegetable stuffing

Submitted by enr on 12 Jul 2010
1 kg zucchini (eggplant)
3 onions (or fresh)
2 carrots
slice celery (a few stalks with leaves)
1-2 tomatoes (maybe canned)
1/2 cup canned peas (frozen) - optional
3 sprigs of fresh garlic (5-6 cloves old)
1/2 cup sunflower oil
4 skinless sausages
100 g cheese (melted cheese)
Boat with skinless sausage and vegetable stuffing
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Selects 2 or 4 identical zucchini. Washed and cut to length first, then across. Must occur 8 equal parts, approximately 15 cm long. Carving is their core. Received boats salting. Part of the heated sunflower oil, under cover stew chopped onion. Once lightly browned, add chopped core of zucchini, grate carrots, celery and tomato. The mixture fry until tender and the fat remains. Salt. Finally, put the chopped garlic and dill. Pumpkin boats drain the juice, which are released after salting. Place a skinless sausage and cover with vegetable filling (maybe the opposite - to put stuffing on top and skinless sausage or mixed vegetables with chopped pieces of skinless sausage). Optional filling can be sprinkled with breadcrumbs. Arrange in a baking dish in which pour water enough to cover 1-2 mm bottom. With the remaining sunflower oil pour edges of courgettes (not the stuffing). Tray is screwed tightly foil. Bake in preheated oven at 250 C. After courgettes are soft, fthe oil is removed and dopichat until browned. Finally, sprinkle with grated cheese in large pieces and dopichat another 2-3 minutes. Instead skinless sausages can be used meatballs ready (as the original recipe), sliced ​​sausage, boiled or roasted meat, minced meat. Likewise can be made boats from eggplants.
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12 Jul 2010
With some modifications - "Kebapche in a boat" - Aniyon


Jump smell the aroma of this gozbichka. And the pictures are so appetizing. Tomorrow will cook them and write.

stuffing we like and soon will do with sausage and cheese as self-eating, as planed use zucchini. I will wait for your opinion.

Jump hungry, like many such combinations to the dismay of my husband ...!

Great recipe, bravo!

tillia, we like courgettes. Stuffing is great. Next time I'll skip all meat and supplements will make them lean. Thank you for simple but delicious recipe. A little later I'll put the photos.

And I thank Yonka Raikova - Aniyon- for the great idea! I am glad that you like.

Just to add that I wanted to do with kebapche options, but because of the Serbian grill only had meatballs (for meatballs had to wait) I made them with meatball, divided in two. Put and photos.