Brother potatoes with cheese

Submitted by enr on 18 Sep 2012
600 g potatoes
100 g jerky
100 g cheese
2 red onion
salt and black pepper
sunflower oil and butter
parsley for garnish
Brother potatoes with cheese
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Today we offer you an improvised recipe for potato brother (Bratkartoffeln), which are very popular in Germany. Boil the potatoes and let them cool. Peel them and cut them into thick slices. In preheated pan with sunflower oil fry the chopped onion. Add potatoes to it. Simmer until the potatoes acquire brown tan. Add the butter and paprika and season with salt and pepper. Fry briefly, so that the butter and paprika not blighted. After the heat treatment put chopped jerky. Stir well being careful not to destroy the integrity of the potatoes. Finally, sprinkle with plenty of cheese. * Serve hot. Brother potatoes may be served as an appetizer or a light dinner.
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18 Sep 2012


Whence *brother* in the title?

Bratkartoffeln are very popular in Germany. Brat verb means roast, fried.
Good Day

Where in Germany are made with jerky? Made by Speck (salami), which according to Bulgarian concepts is bacon. And paprika Germans put, the color is obtained by slow roasting and caramelized onions.

In a small village in the Black Forest :)