Bulgarian homemade cheesecake

Submitted by enr on 23 May 2013
# For the base:
400 g biscuits
5 tbsp margarine
# For the cream:
375 g cream cheese
300 ml pastry cream
3 tbsp (complete) powdered sugar
# For decoration:
jam blueberries or other fruit
Bulgarian homemade cheesecake
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We prepare the base. Digest cookies, mix them with the melted margarine in the microwave. After a homogeneous mixture, cover the bottom of the container to press very well. Prepare the cream. Stir snow pastry cream, add the cream and the feta cheese. Beat briefly at lower speeds. And add powdered sugar, mix well until a homogeneous mixture. Cover with cream biscuit base, smoothing the surface. Top smeared with jam.
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23 May 2013
Ivan Zvezdev


How big is the court?

I did it in a baking dish with a diameter of 20 cm., But may in the pan to make a

I made the recipe and it turned out that this amount does not want biscuits 5 and 12 s. L. Margarine. Also, the amount of the cream cheese is not responding. The quantity of cream are needed only 250 grams. Cream cheese. I do not know why post wrong recipes and mislead the people.

searchthetruth, of which just say *sinful recipes*? What quantities do not meet? Also, what is *needed* in this context? The recipe of Ivan Zvezdev (http://www.zvezdev.com/bg/recepta-id-2273/) it was not clear how or biscuits or how cream cheese. Desi has prepared the recipe as written, liked it and shared it so. I do not know what is misleading. Do not you get better with these proportions or criticize without knowing?