Potato burgers with mayonnaise

Submitted by enr on 18 Sep 2010
1 kg boiled potatoes
1 onion
100 g cow feta cheese
100 g cheese
spices of your choice
3 tbsp mayonnaise
3 eggs
50 g butter
Potato burgers with mayonnaise
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Potatoes smash until hot, add in small pieces onion, grated cheese and feta cheese, the butter, mix with spices, finally add the mayonnaise. Formed into balls that are rolled in egg, breaded, and again in the egg and fry. Drain on paper.
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18 Sep 2010


I guess that would be great! Will try today!

will be glad you like

I made meatballs and even already eaten. Became super straight. The recipe goes to favorites. Petya Bravo!

In the oil products mentioned it in the mixture with potatoes you put or used for frying?

in the mixture is placed, while warm with butter creased soon were done and tried with cream cheese and it was perfect

Thank you, Petya! I asked because I think these days to do them.

well mean score

The recipe is quite interesting and today I do them these meatballs just did not understand whether the mixture is put eggs or just breading? And another - peeled potatoes boiled?

I boil them kartofeite with peelings, egg is only for rolling

Petya, your recipe is great! Became very very, mnoogo delicious. I used breading of proteins and starch (recipe Панирани vegetables - Eli ). I put the yolks into potato mixture.

will try them and so glad that you liked

Now I begin to fry. Look very tasty, as they try to write again.

Tomorrow will try! It is now too late for cooking ...

Last night I made them, I missed onions, but were very tasty! I realized my mistake that lately my meatballs scattered. Do not put eggs in the dough and izparzhiha very easily. Apparently eggs are crushed. Panicked them in egg, flour, egg, flour and I had no poblem with conversion. Thanks for the nice recipe!

Until now, I never used to make mayonnaise potato meatballs. Received is great meatballs, I kept everything strictly by the recipe. Thank you Petya for shared recipe!

I am glad that appeals to all

Thanks for the recipe, I'll try it immediately!

Today I decided to naprravya potato meatballs and I chose this recipe. Not sorry. Very very delicious! Recipe saved to favorites! Petya,

I am glad that you liked, may be tested by other people

Again delicious meatballs. Peko them in the baking pan from the oven on baking paper.

and I should try them baked in the oven

Our favorite potato meatballs! Do not put onions.