Cake Wonder

Submitted by enr on 02 Feb 2011
# For the base:
2 eggs
1 cup sugar
1/2 cup sunflower oil
1/2 cup milk
2 cup flour
10 g baking powder
cocoa optional
# For cubes:
1/3 cup sweetened milk
1/2 cup chopped walnuts
200 g chocolate + 1 tbsp sunflower oil or butter
cocoa Nesquik optional
Cake Wonder
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The products are mixed in the sequence, first the eggs with the sugar crash foam and gradually add other (can be put and cocoa). Pour the mixture into a greased and floured pan with a diameter of 24 cm. Bake in moderate oven middle BBQ for about 20-25 minutes (do check with a toothpick). Once cool cut the top of the base - the thickness of the cut portion is about 5 mm, cut into small cubes. They pour into a bowl, syrup sweetened with warm milk to which is added 1 tsp Nesquik (maybe without it). Add the walnuts and melt 1 tbsp sunflower oil chocolate. The pieces are confused thoroughly and put on the base. Cake watered with more melted chocolate or topping.
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02 Feb 2011


Maggie put the photos. All day I think of this cake. Certainly will do it.

Ive, thank you, now and put the pictures :)

Great, Maggie! This is our next dessert!

Wonderful cake and pictures ... mmm, yummy. Thank you, Maggie. Goes to Favorites waiting line!

Oh ... though tempting dessert.

Thank you girls, and ... forget dieting :)

As always something simple, original and tempting!

Maggie sladkishcheto immediately goes to favorites. How about if the lower crust is lightly watered? At home, soaked in love sweets.

Ivka, I bit him syrup with milk, but not felt. I think that will happen if you put more liquid :) Try and write then!

Maggie, very appetizing cake again! Logged favorite-but with Tez my wonderful becoming tight clothes ... :)

Oh, that twice trying to write it down ...

thank Desi and clothes do not worry, only to healthy :)

Well done, great cake I told him I added raisins and syrup. Mmmm ... superb!

Thank Silva, the idea of ​​raisins I liked :)

Maggie, my miracle did not happen exactly like yours, but it is very tasty. No two things have kept the recipe-bake it more pan that I 24 cm. I could not keep my chocolate which was a top. :) No upload photo ... Thanks for the wonderful cake!

Desi and I thank you, but I'm sure you did tasty and without chocolate :)

great cake, I did it again for the 8th March This time, since I had no added chocolate chocolate pudding. Was very tasty. I have no pictures because I ate the moment. ;)

Rada Silva, if he has eaten certainly became yummy :)

I poprekalih little irrigation, but gets the sweep up in no time.

Incredible cake. Very easy and very tasty. I did it by predarzhah to the recipe.

Vesi, thank you! I hope that has become successful?

great cake. Congratulations :)

Really successful cake! I poured him with plenty of caramel that after the stay in the refrigerator became pleasantly crunchy :) B combination with chocolate and nuts get incredible dessert. Thanks for the great recipe!

with caramel has received many original flavor, thanks :)

cake is great, and I added some rum instead of milk mix them with melted ice cream, divine

Mimeto very well look your cake, your original version made him, well done!

Very tasty cake

very effective and at the same time easy to make jam! In due time I'll do it!

Ivka very well look at this form, thank you :)

I had enough chocolate and the idea of ​​slavi added and caramel. All liked it!

May & I will try this option caramel, thanks :)

Great cake, I caramelized walnuts and syrup, became great:-)

Aggie, thank you, caramel attaches great taste :)

Maggie thank you heartily for the recipe. my husband loved the cake. thank you that there are people like you to put recipes for such dishes.

forgot to appreciate

I am glad that you like cake Annie :)

iris, the picture is very, very tempting! Please write what you did! What is the picture is quite different from what describes the recipe ...

cream made from liquid pastry cream (whipped very well) and pudding *Caramel* (prepared by the description of the pack). Everything else is like a recipe. I took the idea (in one of the comments here) to supplement and caramel. It was very good. But next time I will add one packet of gelatin to the cream, because it was difficult to razryazavam cake pieces! For the decoration: the idea of ​​my colleague used jelly *Haribo* - Malinka

Mmmm, very, very tasty look! Put fixative cream, gelatin would take airiness. I do so a cake filled with whipped cream and strawberries, but with her upper crust is pre-cut portions and then assembled on the cream, just to avoid crushes cream in cutting. In this recipe a little difficult to be this way.

And not only looks delicious, but also very beautiful! Pepi, is great!

Thank you, Nelly!

perunika, very beautiful you received, and the addition of cream is great, bravo!

Thank magi71!

Much yummy! All home unanimously decided that this cake will be doing many more times!

worth name this cake - it became really wonderful! Will definitely be legal quite often! Thank Magi for shared recipe :)

And I thank you, do it and enjoy Veselushko :)

a great, easy and very tasty cake! Thank you!

Can chocolate to melt without oil?

can be diluted with milk or cream, but oil is obtained luster. Try and share the results will be useful :)