Carrots potatoes

Submitted by enr on 25 May 2010
5-6 boiled potatoes
150-200 g grated feta cheese
300 g ham
yolks 2
3 egg whites
1 bunch dill
savory, salt
2 tbsp flour
sunflower oil for frying (for oil bath)
Carrots potatoes
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Ham cut into rectangles that are tapered at the bottom. Potatoes, grate finely. Dill is released few sprigs for decoration, the other is cut into small pieces. Potatoes, egg yolks, savory, the feta cheese, flour, dill, salt and knead well. Whichever is the ball (as a large egg) of the mixture and spread on the palm of the hand. Place a slice of ham and rolls. Hands wet with water and roll screw to rod so that the potato mixture to cover the ham. Stick thins at the end, where the sharp part. Finished carrots rank on a flat surface covered with transparent foil and placed for 30 minutes in the chamber. In deep pan heat the oil. Whip with a little salt. Cured carrots are immersed in egg white, drained, rolled in breadcrumbs and fry in not very hot fire. Decorate with dill and served. * Optional prepare sauce 4 parts yogurt, 1 part mayonnaise, salt, dill and garlic.
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25 May 2010


Incredibly there seems like there. Congratulations. You have to make them. :)

Great. I like the ingredients. Will try.

Very interesting recipe again. Thank you. In all home like potatoes and ham even better. Will necessarily be done.

Potatoes and our family are respected, and the ingredients I like. Look amazing. Will try soon. Congratulations for the great idea.

Bravo, look great!

Bravo! Thanks for the great recipe! Amazing look!

I do like croquettes, but this layout grabbed me! Original!

My little scattered, but get tasty. In a successful appearance will get a picture.

neli1100 sorry I have not received properly: - (I do not know what the reason: - (

Very tasty! A successful recipe. Be sure to try!

Thank Melek good recipe that bothered to be shared with us regardless of who it is!

neli1100> maybe them daryala a short time in the freezer ... and to me this happened the first time ... :) Regards recipe melek :)

recipe is super, were very tasty *carrots*.