Chicken Delight

Submitted by enr on 30 Jun 2012
500 g chicken
150 g of sausage or a sausage
50 g cream processed cheese or feta cheese
100 g cheese
100 ml cooking cream
100 g of mushrooms jar
spices of your choice
2 cloves garlic
Chicken Delight
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Cut the meat into chunks and fry, add the sausage and in small pieces continues to fry. Add mushrooms and spices with garlic and lightly fry stirring constantly. Add processed cheese and cooking cream and stir vigorously to make a sauce, a little before becoming ready grated cheese and stir until melted. Serve warm.
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30 Jun 2012


This recipe is definitely my suit. I prepare something, but will try and your recipe. It seems delicious, I guess I can be replaced with sausage smoked bacon?

and I do it with smoked meat, but I did not have at the moment, so it narpavih sausage and so I wrote the recipe

It was very tasty, thanks for the recipe. Children biaha delighted with the taste and. Became one of our favorite. Thank you.

I am glad that you like

Prepared again with the same success again. Thanks for the recipe

I am glad that easily happened and you like it

It really is a *delight* surprise get is great. Thanks for the recipe :)

I am glad that you like

I just tried the recipe and get a very tasty.

I am glad that you like