Chocolate dessert with semolina

Submitted by enr on 07 Jul 2009
1 liter of fresh milk
100 g semolina
125 g grated chocolate
60 g ground almonds
3 eggs
5 tbsp sugar
# For the vanilla sauce:
3-4 yolks
500 ml freshly milk
2 tbsp flour
3 vanilla
Put the milk on the stove and add the semolina, chocolate and almonds. Stir the mixture on the fire until it thickens. Beat eggs with sugar separately, and put this mixture on fire and then beat until thickened, then remove and allow to cool. Mix semolinata and egg mixture. Pour the mixture into a small tray or cake form and then bake in a moderate oven. Cut dessert once completely cooled, and served with vanilla sauce. Vanilla Sauce: Beat egg yolks well 3-4 and add to them 500 ml warm and sweetened milk. Add the flour away with a little milk. Fight sauce with wire over low heat until boiling, then remove from heat, flavoring it with 3 dust vanilla and continue beating him for more.
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07 Jul 2009