Cigar with Fanta

Submitted by enr on 27 Jan 2010
500 g butter or pork lard
250 g soft Fanta soda napita or another of your choice
1 tsp sugar
2 vanilla
pinch of salt
1 kg of flour
200 g delight
Cigar with Fanta
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Mix macerate butter with soda, add other products (without Turkish delight) and flour and kneaded soft dough, which can be sharpening with a rolling pin and not stick to hands. Roll out with a rolling pin sheet is cut squares 10x10 cm. Turkish delight is cut into small pieces. In each square in one corner is placed delight and rolled to the other corner. Bake until it turns rosy and warm, sprinkle with powdered sugar.
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27 Jan 2010


Very interesting variyant a cigar, on Saturday will test them. Thanks for the idea.

Very successful! I put walnut kernel, and if I do not delight, and becomes more densely sweet. Does not make them and I on Saturday ?!

Do it a second time and again incredible. Use lard and sweet (not delight).

Sooo much we love them these cigar!

Great! Very easy and successful recipe! I made them exactly the recipe but half the dose only added to Turkish delight and walnuts! They are very nice!

There is no way back to not share my admiration of them!

And can anyone tell me 500 gr. Lard how h. H. Equates :) And how many cigar obtained :)

I do them so long that you're all put on eye. Maybe grease is filled with about 2 cups peak. And about 50 units ... maybe.

Thanks for the quick reply :)