Cocoa layered cake without eggs

Submitted by enr on 24 Sep 2009
# For the base:
2 cup flour
400 g yogurt
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
2 cup sugar
2 tbsp cocoa
vanilla and grated chocolate in large pieces
# For the buttercream:
125 g butter
1 cup powdered sugar
2 tsp cocoa
3-4 tbsp chopped walnuts
# For Creamy Cream:
250 ml pastry cream
rodopcheta 3 or more blocks of chocolate
1 tsp cocoa optional
Cocoa layered cake without eggs
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Products for the base mix and place in oiled and floured pan with a diameter 24-25sm. Bake about 20 minutes in a moderate oven. Once cool is cut to length, smeared with cream and stick both the base. For the cream cream: rodopchetata (or chocolate) melt in a water bath and cool to add polurazbitata cream. Dorazsheetva and smeared with cream cake. Garnish with crushed chocolate biscuits 3-4 or grated chocolate and roses are made from cream cream with syringe.
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24 Sep 2009


Maggie, what are *rodopcheta* and can they be replaced with?

*Rodopchetata are about 5 cm candy bars wrapped in foil and cost about 10 cm.*Very interesting recipe will do as soon as possible! Looks very good, bravo!

I like swamps / course and creams, but there may any, optional / and will use it. *Rodopcheta* There was a time, now I do not know whether there are shops. I think may be replaced with chocolate. Guess and Maggie will write.

Yesterday I bought rodopchetata on 22st numbers. May be replaced with chocolate as you see fit. Thank you :)

Bravo, bravo .. Super tortichkaaa want and I :)

magi71 I do from sashtata recipe, but yabylki cake or a sweet. The finished cake divide it into two. Firstly it anneal one part, then cover with sweet and dumped the second half and dopicham upper wire, the top can be put back some glaze

xevi, *rodopcheta* = BAYKALChETA.Predoplagam will think what it comes dessert.And now everywhere :) :)

very good proposal for cake! Especially for people who do not consume eggs :). Will definitely try it!

Bravo Maggie dreadful!

Thank you, and cream above may be another :)

Nice recipe, Maggie! I personally would syrupy little latter must.

I just put the cake in the refrigerator, tried by swamps and think you do not need syrup! very tasty!

I think so, Maggie! I made a version without cocoa and bananas became even more juicy and with a completely different taste!

Maggie will let you have a picture?

I do not know whether it is appropriate once white, but you can see it in the forum topic What cooked today :)

For marshes:
* 2 cups flour
* 400 grams of yogurt
* 1 teaspoon saleratus
* 2 cups sugar
* 2 tablespoons cocoa
* Vanilla and grated chocolate wholesale
Hello Maggie to ask swamps carved products I understood, but how vanillin and how grate chocolate is added?

How vanilla and grated wholesale how chocolate is added in December :)

I put 100g chocolate, but maybe less, and vanilla to buy capsules from 1. 5 years. Chocolate may be replaced with another similar dessert :)

thank you very much :)

Marshes became a complete failure very loose and stuck even though I put and fat and flour ...

My crust became supreme! Surely you did not baked properly!

Jaures, a moderate oven is 160-180 degrees depends on the oven (please do not become a dispute while buns;-). If a fan - ALWAYS 20 degrees less than the title. It is also important to observe the size of the baking pan indicated in the recipe. Try again - repetition makes perfect:-) A cake sounds and looks very tasty, well done! Bookmark

I did everything recipe bought directly ready :( nothing other putt will try again and will be :)

Jaures, sorry that does not occur. And to me yesterday my little stuck, but I guess I'm not busted well sugar. However, I took bonded piece and put it in its place in the marshes :) I bake as Rally wrote, but little more time should - maybe 30 minutes.

at least butter and cream cream get me very well!

For Bob: try next time to sprinkle the pan with bread crumbs instead of flour. So surely does not stick. Even strong chocolate without test meal (tart o Choco & # 225; for example) are separated from itself. Greased with plenty of fat Sprinkle with plenty of bread crumbs, turn the baking pan falls to excess. Then I put the dough and bake. By unplugging then, you can do poiztarshish if breadcrumbs crumbs on it;-)

Thanks very straight-As I made syrup disgusting bought cake and chocolate mousse added as an additional cream hope to become better

here today prepared sprinkle with walnuts and nstargani natives :)

Great recipe very cheap and delicious. Congratulations I have six.

Marianche, thank you! At the bottom of the baking pan can be cut circle of baking paper does not stick.

which was performed just, but wait swamps me cool, and I added the cream into the melted chocolate brown it was my only I do not know as chocolate is black, will bitterness. Hope marshes and cream as there sugar in them to kill the bitter taste :) But in a word, as always Maggie great recipe ...

Tsure, I do not bitter, though cream is confectionery. But if you can add powdered sugar. Thank you :)

I made her about St. Valentine, it is decked in this na4in. I could not shoot par4e so quickly over, we celebrated together with my brother and my daughter. Bravo Maggie, very, very tasty torti4ka. Only 4f Paiute marshes around 1 4as and I used 4eren chocolate topping and sar4itsata are colored almond paste. A 4erniya never nagar4ashe chocolate, cake is so sweet ... mmm!

Mary, beautifully arranged his cake, I'm glad you enjoyed the recipe :)

Jump am pleasantly surprising that Communist so modest products can achieve such impressive results. Super delicious cake country, but especially the next day, while the latter must ponapoiha well. Congratulations to the recipe, try not there :) sorry.

tasty and quick to prepare cake, thanks!

And I thank you, I'm glad you like it :)

I loved. Thanks for the recipe!