Colorful sweet

Submitted by enr on 27 Jan 2010
# For the dough:
4 eggs
1 and 1/2 cup sugar
2 cup flour
10 g baking powder
1/4 cup sunflower oil
confectionery paint - 3-4 colors
# For the cream:
2 eggs
1/2 cup sugar
45 g butter
Beat dough products, subdivided into as many parts as there are colors confectionery paint and stains. Each colored part pour the bar in a rectangular pan, pre-oiled and floured and bake in a moderate oven until ready (try with a stick). By subtracting from the oven, leave to cool down, and during that time prepare the cream to soft as butter add eggs and sugar and beat until a homogeneous mixture is melted and sugar (can be used and powdered sugar ). Then from the base with a small glass cut circles, and the remainder of the base after cutting is crushed into fine crumbs. Each sweet is coated on both sides with cream and then add some in crumbs.
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27 Jan 2010