Dessert with biscuits and cream Ole

Submitted by enr on 25 Apr 2013
300 g biscuits cake
2 Ole cream of others. Oetker - vanilla
800 ml milk for cream
200 ml chocolate milk - for dipping biscuits
chocolate sprinkles - decoration
Dessert with biscuits and cream Ole
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Added to the milk content of the two sachets cream and mix with a mixer for 3 minutes. In a baking dish or deep dish spread a thin layer of cream, is ranked first row biscotti dipped in milk with cocoa and covered with a thick layer of cream. Thus, three lines are formed by ends of cream. Sprinkle with chocolate sprinkles and leave in refrigerator to set for at least 3 hours. * The dish is 24h24sm. * I used 2 packages * Bishkoti cake * - 36 (photo 1). * biscotti can immerse themselves in sweetened milk, cocoa, instant coffee, etc.. * Dessert can be decorated with grated chocolate, coconut, cocoa powder, etc.
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25 Apr 2013


gold offers many quick and delicious cake, with opportunities for many options! :)

Thank tillia, Cake really prepared quickly and is very tasty. I am glad that you like :)

k. mimi66, very nice pictures ... looks very appetizing.

Great quick and delicious dessert!

viliya, very glad that you liked the dessert :) and this amount otgoreeee nuts ... certainly more palatable.

Not found biscuits so this time with biscuits Everest cocoa m / y layers added 1 banana wheels and melted chocolate. Became even more beautiful :)