Elderberry fruit syrup

Submitted by enr on 05 Feb 2012
1 jar (750 ml) squeezed juice from elder
1 jar (750 ml) + more 150-200 g of sugar syrup
Does not undergo heat treatment and has a long shelf life, but it must be observed some peculiarities in the preparation and storage: No unripe seeds, seedless, with no water in the pressed juice, sweetened have free access of air !!! Call around 1-1.5 kg big, juicy, healthy and ripe fruit bunches of elderberries, away from highways and polluted areas. Wash them under running water, without crushing them, drain and arrange in spaced clusters on a tray littered with newspaper or paper towels. Note From here on, that the fruits very dirty, consider the place of work and protect clothing. After complete drying and absorption of water with a dry fork over dry container Orono grains. Should not fall green and poorly ripened grains and water !!! Discard immature grains and handles clusters. Then with a fork or with a device for kneading of boiled potato mash fruits of the paste. Use ladies nylon stocking or fine strainer to strain the puree to. Dispose well squeezing a thick mass of skins and seeds. Strain through a fine sieve 2-3 times a thick cold-pressed juice to make sure that there are no seeds !!! Measure the volume of the resulting juice, for example, 1 jar. Measure the same amount of sugar - 1 jar, as may slightly increase sugar 100 -200 g top. Mix the juice and sugar and mix. Pour into jars to store cold open to breathe, can only be covered with a piece of gauze or tissue. In the fridge I'm storing elderberry syrup in the manner described more than one year, only becomes thicker than the evaporated moisture. If it is difficult to wash utensils used for crushing and leaching because of the formed is sticky white-gray coating on them rub them with a cloth or cotton dipped in nail polish remover, then wash with dish soap and warm water. Sock after leaching is no longer usable. This syrup is a dietary supplement with prophylactic effect against colds, strengthens the immune system and provide other benefits to the body and is an excellent way to relieve dry and wet cough . You can drink diluted as napita or take 1 teaspoon of fasting. Its taste is more pleasant than with syrup prepared from whole fruits, together with the seed, the latter a bitter-tart flavor and have a pungent odor. The recipe I have cooked the fruit on the grassy elder, a spread option is the fruit of the elderberry tree. It should be noted that the stem, leaves and seeds of grassy elderberry are poisonous, but not the fruit. Find out on the Internet for more information on the properties and applications of the two types of elder.
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05 Feb 2012
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