Fried eggplant

Submitted by enr on 07 Aug 2009
2 eggplants
flour for rolling
frying fat
2-3 cloves crushed garlic
2-3 tbsp vinegar
Fried eggplant
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Eggplants are washed, cleaned and cut into slices with a thickness of 3 4 mm. Salted well and leave for 30 minutes to let the bitter brown water. Then rinse it, rolled in flour and fry in preheated oil on both sides until golden. Garlic mixed with vinegar and 2-3 tbsp water. Resulting dressing pour a trickle on eggplants.
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07 Aug 2009


Oh ... what vkusotika :)

It's great, I love eggplant. To favorites is!

Well done, Maggie! Great fried eggplant.

They become crunchy, and we love them so. Thank you :)

In the same way I do and zucchini. Just add chopped parsley. This dressing is one of the three traditional toppings - other 2 - podlucheno with yogurt and tomato sauce. Eggplant / or the courgettes / really remain crunchy. Bravo, Maggie, for the recipe!

It's a classic!

I'm glad you like the recipe! Can milk sauce instead of dressing :)

Favorites us! :)

eggplant irrigate a lot of oil when wallowed only meal! Not absorb thick slurries made from flour with water and it is add some eggplant and then fry in hot oil.