Fried frog (gyuzlemi)

Submitted by enr on 14 Jun 2013
800 g - 1 kg of flour
200-300 ml lukewarm water
1/2 tsp salt
200-300 g feta cheese
fat frying
Fried frog (gyuzlemi)
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Pour the flour into a suitable container kneading or desktop, do well, sprinkle with salt and water Knead the dough that is soft but elastic. If you remain flour, it will then need to sprinkling as boring Crossings. Cut the dough into 10-12 pieces, shape into balls (like tennis) and arrange on a towel. Turn the balls and let them at least 30 minutes to rest and relax. Then on floured surface, roll each ball in a thin sheet with a diameter of about 40 cm, sprinkle in the middle with feta cheese and fold the first two lateral edges at least 2 finger them stand up, then fold in the same manner, addressing the upper and lower ends - to get a nice square - with the opposite blade push of a cross in the middle (so they say Crosses) and fry in highly preheated oil, which is plenty in frypot medium heat. Become crispy and stay as cool and soft and also very tasty. Suitable for preparation of the evening for the next day for breakfast. Serve with compote, yogurt, boza, yogurt or milk can and marmalade, jam or sweet. * I would like to note that the products I have given approximately, because different brands have different flour yield and take different amounts of water. * The products are 10-12
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14 Jun 2013


Mamche, you have no idea what memories rushed into my head after reading the recipe! My grandmother, God bless her, made such krastacheta (so they say it) stuffed with egg and Cheese ... licking your fingers! I can not throw and I could not fill the recipe, but after so many years, I still remember the taste! Thank you! :)

Temptation great. I can not throw, but put to favorites, there will be courage.

I am glad that I contributed a bit to remember your loved ones hora..a sharpening -enth these Crosses do not require much of machinery or accurate fine sheet of two-three thick with a rolling pin to get round or the chart above as I showed the picture to be able to be sganete..probvayte will not regret it, and I'm not much of a master of the rolling pin ..

Bravo! Very *tasty* look, tomorrow will try that today I have breakfast. Greetings once again!