Fried pretzels from puff

Submitted by enr on 30 Jun 2013
3 cups flour
2 cup water
1 tbsp olive oil + extra lubrication
pinch of salt
sunflower oil for frying
In a deep pot pour the water with the salt and olive oil. Put it on the stove to boil. Pour all the flour at once and stir until the dough becomes a ball and begins to separate from the court. In a bowl pour a little olive oil, which dipped hands and doomesva dough. Tear balls are made wicks and shrink pretzels, which are fried in a preheated oil, but should not be too hot. Serve with jam or sprinkled with sugar.
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30 Jun 2013


Something like Tulumba or krapfeni but not syrupy ... I guess plunk much, right? I have several regular recipes puff must to try this!

rather something like donuts taste. Plunk not because there is no egg in the dough.

And, okay, thank you. Not complied eggs. Making them will write how I overcame :)

The second time I make them for breakfast and do not stay :). As taste remind me cakes. But what does it matter, you are delicious? I allowed myself to put 2 and eggs, as cool a dough, and his puffed nice. Just one question - is it good to have a little soft inside and I did not doizparzhvam?

Well, eggs already has another recipe. I have not tried them how this will work. Once Plunk, and should be softer. If outside are fried well, you are in October