Garlic Chicken

Submitted by enr on 25 Nov 2010
1 large chicken (about 1.7 kg)
125 g butter
salt, pepper
paprika (optional)
1 head of garlic
500 ml beer
2-3 slices of dry white bread
Chicken and add salt to taste with black pepper on all sides. In several places with a sharp knife to make cuts and meat shpikova with garlic cloves. Slices of bread cut into cubes and pour 100 g slightly melted butter, add the remaining chopped garlic and mix everything well. The resulting filling is placed inside the chicken and its opening is stitched with thread or closed and secured with toothpicks. Spread the chicken on all sides with the remaining butter, optional can be sprinkled with paprika. Put it in the pan, pour in the beer, add one cup of hot water and put to bake in a preheated 180 C oven. Periodically flush with the resulting sauce Bake until browned the chicken (about an hour).
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25 Nov 2010


I do something like - *Chicken stuffed with bread.* The idea for the beer is good and will take advantage of it. Little unusual is such stuffing, but really gets very tasty.

My husband does not like stuffing with rice and trifles, to do this as stuffed chicken use this stuffing is really delicious, except as great is the chicken can not hold much of it. Soon you will roast goose and will try to fill it in the same way, I hope to get.

missed assessment.

Bravo for the nice recipe! Yesterday January prepared and all were delighted, I added a few potatoes and cut into rings in the pan around the chicken, and so obtain and toppings.

I'm glad you like it! I also put potatoes, the sauce on the chicken and beer are very tasty.