Garlic paste

Submitted by enr on 31 Aug 2009
12 cloves of garlic
75 ml sunflower oil
white pepper
Garlic paste
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Cloves garlic rolled four aluminum foil. Put them in a suitable tray and baked at 200 C for about 1 hour. Remove from oven, remove to fthe oil and leave to poizstinat. Peel the cloves and rub through a sieve, then mixed with the oil until a smooth creamy mixture. Seasoned with salt and pepper. Pour into small jars, previously well washed and dried. Durability is 6 months.
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31 Aug 2009


Fanny, products of this amount will only fill half a jar, let alone more ...

Desi, and I noticed it a little. In the recipe, even it is described that the pot of 125ml. Tonight I did and will write exactly what quantity is obtained :)

Well Fanny will wait to write because I love it. You can make garlic bread, and it added to the whole range mravchitsi ...

It is to me so I liked the recipe and wanted to share it with you :)

Yes interesting

Fanny reminded me of a cream that often bought before. It had artichoke and peanuts, all finely minced. But garlic dominated and was not pushy, just as will is in your recipe when baked is much softer! Bravo!

I did it, but I put more garlic. I climbed and photos :)

Sounds good to me, goes to Favorites!