Happy chiyzsponge cakecheta Niki

Submitted by enr on 18 Jul 2010
120 g cocoa biscuits
80 g butter
100 g feta cheese Philadelphia
150 ml cream
3 tbsp sugar
1 egg
1 vanilla
20 ml Disaronno (or amaretto almond liqueur)
berries or jam for decoration
Happy chiyzsponge cakecheta Niki
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In a food processor digest biscuits and add the melted butter and Disaronno-it. From the received mixture put 1 tbsp in silicone shapes and pressuring to get the basis for chiyzkekschetata. Again in a food processor mix Philadelphia, cream, sugar, egg and vanilla. From the received mixture put in silicone shapes onto the biscuit base. Bake at 150 C for about 20 minutes. Leave to cool and put in refrigerator to stay 1 night. Removal from trays and decorate with fruit or jam.
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18 Jul 2010


Oh, this will definitely try! DISARONNO / or amaretto almond liqueur / - what can replace it? The idea of ​​baking pans much like me!

With any kind of aromatic alkohotal, and become happy. I've done them with strawberry liqueur ... As an experienced write. I could not put pictures because a mouse rummaging in the fridge at midnight and finished. Soon I will make them again

Liquor no, but I have some rum - longitude him for sweets. It will work? I thought this night only in our mice were foraging, and ate fruit with cream cheese, which supposedly had stayed for dessert today!

Well, I guess I will become but put only 1 cap because rum is concentrated alcohol from liquor. I put it to flavor

photos enjoy eyes and excite the appetite. I intend to do this dessert, but I have small shapes, so I ask, can you put in a great shape and then cut into pastries? In this case, you will change the minutes of baking?

Hello akva7 minutes baking does not change, but if not I do not know whether silicone form you can remove them because marshes is biskviden. Silicon form taken out with the tap of dolunagore.