Home layered cake with starch, walnuts and chocolate

Submitted by enr on 28 Feb 2009
# 1 For base:
1 egg
10 tbsp sugar (1/2 cup)
15 tbsp flour (1 cup)
4 tbsp sunflower oil
10 tbsp milk (1/3 cup)
1 vanilla
1 tsp ammonia soda
# For the cream:
2 liters of fresh milk
2 packets of starch of your choice (60 g)
6-7 tbsp sugar
50 g butter
# For garnish:
1 cup ground walnuts
100 g chocolate
# For the syrup:
1 cup water
1/2 cup sugar
1 vanilla
Home layered cake with starch, walnuts and chocolate
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Mix the egg with vanilla and sugar. Add the oil, milk and still crashed. Add gradually sifted and mixed with ammonia soda flour. Stir until homogeneous. Bake in a tray on which we cover the bottom with baking paper, we pre-oiled with sunflower oil. Bake at 200 ° C until ready. Products are first base, for the cake takes three or optional possible.On one of the bases can be added 2 tbsp cocoa. Cream is made from the starches in the indication of the package for 2 l. Milk. Into the cake pan is placed one of the bases. Spread with a pastry brush with syrup made from sugar, water and vanilla. On the base is allocated part of the cream, sprinkle with walnuts and grated chocolate. Place the second base and the procedure is repeated until the exhaustion of the basevote. Top cake decorated optional.
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28 Feb 2009


specialty of my mother. Always eat willingly :) And yours is super cake.

This cake is simply magnificent.However, due to lack of time, the latter must swapped to biscuits *Breakfast*.

and biscuit breakfast you become a good cake?

It is very nice. Making it the same way, only the starch my pink and I put grated chocolate.

It is quite simple, plain / Babeshka / Pastry would say, but very very tasty and light.

vile11, biscuits are placed in the middle can be watered with cocoa, coffee, chocolate milk, caramel or any of these hot drinks. I'll try that! This idea now came to my mind :)

I dunk them in milk, but second because immediately irrigate and starts to fall apart.

:) and Mlaka it, but I guess that if you indulge in hot chocolate and white or brown or caramel will also tasty. This is just an idea, and everyone makes it to your liking :)

Of course, I would try the following way as with caramel because many like him.

This cake to taste me back in time. Very nice. I made a half dose and double cream put sugar. The idea of ​​arranging the latter must is http: // hlebopechka. ru.

First I made this with cream - I did not like anything, the second time I made it home with cream and it was great.