Jam and orange (or) lemon zest

Submitted by enr on 03 Jan 2010
peel of citrus fruits
Jam and orange (or) lemon zest
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Citrus fruits are washed thoroughly before use. Peel. Sheet pour cold water and cook ten minutes. Drained and the procedure was repeated 2 more times. Once cool, cut into small pieces (may be ground). From the sugar and water to make syrup. Put them in boiling syrup, such as the amount of sheet increases and the amount of sugar and water, but the ratio is 1: 1 - the syrup should cover them. Boil over high heat a few minutes and then on medium heat for 10-15 minutes. Leave in syrup 1-2 hours (maybe more) and then dovaryava until ready. Finished jam is poured into warm jars and sealed with lids. Optional may be sterilized few minutes.
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03 Jan 2010


After so times changing the water does not disappear you and characteristic aroma sheet?

No, it disappears. The flavor remains strong. In the same way I do and candied peels, but after boil them strain off of syrup and sprinkle with sugar and pour into jars. Stored in a refrigerator. The last time I used syrup topping of baklava for Christmas.

Thanks! Will try!

Can any tentative amounts / ratios - fruit, peel, sugar water? Also did not understand the three water you boil is collected for syrup or the last.

Annie water after each boiling Corey discarded. The syrup is made with new, clean water and sugar in that ratio. There is no set amount of peel depends on how the peels of fruits are collected now. Once curd, pour them with water almost to cover them. This will orient you. Casting January If for example, 1 cup means that the syrup will be from 1 cup of water and 1 cup sugar. From now on follow the rest of the recipe. I hope I was clear explanations :)

Little toyed to string them together with bademcheto at first boiled the sheet and then tying them but worth it in the jar them preserved links. The recipe is very accurate.

flowers, great offer! :) I can not check on them! Worth it:) Thanks for the idea!