Kadanski lips - II type

Submitted by enr on 21 Apr 2011
1 cup pork lard
1 cup sugar
2 eggs
1 cup yogurt
flour as necessary for medium soft dough (about 1 kg)
Kadanski lips - II type
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Beat the eggs and add to other products. The flour was added by little until reaching the secondary soft dough. Roll out and cut glass circles. In the middle of each circle put delight or marmalade. Folded and the edges are pressed with a fork so that the filling does not leak. Bake pinking about 180-200 C. When ready, sprinkle with powdered sugar.
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21 Apr 2011


lard what can replace it? With oil or perhaps oil? I do not like the taste of fat!

Replace with butter or margarine.

best with butter.

This recipe will not baking powder or baking soda at least ...

but not-so is the recipe and I always receive, as seen in the picture :)

Hello Irina today I did your wonderful delicious sweet and easy! Compliments are really very tasty. I drove a recipe without baking powder or baking soda and received are a kind of shortbread time my mother called them so just that May and putting white wine. Thanks for the recipe! And here's a photo of my option (not just verbal rather hearts and lips ...)

blubber supposed to melt?

I have not been melted but was at room temperature, but here is about 20-25 degrees. Adding a spoon by spoon, Beat eggs with sugar.

nice to melted-easier match.