Lasagna with Bechamel and ham

Submitted by enr on 17 Jun 2011
500 ml ready bechamel sauce
12 sheets of lasagna
300 g cheese
300 g ham
# For the tomato sauce:
400 g diced canned tomatoes
1 bouillon cube
2 tbsp sunflower oil
1/3 cup Water
1 tbsp basil
flour 1 tsp garlic
Lasagna with Bechamel and ham
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Tomato sauce boil 5 minutes with all the ingredients. In a rectangular baking dish pour a small portion of tomato sauce, bechamel and arrange 3 of the peel. On sheet pour part of tomato sauce, half cubed ham, bechamel and grated part of the cheese. The procedure is repeated: 3 peel, tomato sauce, half of ham, bechamel and grated cheese a little. Arrange the last 3 sheets of lasagna, smeared with the remaining amount of tomato sauce, pour the remaining bechamel sauce, sprinkle with plenty of cheese and bake about 40 minutes in a preheated moderate oven. * Corey cook according to package directions.
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17 Jun 2011


CLASSICS! Bravo, Nelly!

Good recipe for lasagna fast! I want to ask you -nelli1100 not boil lasagna sheets? In all recipes for lasagna presented in this site are not processed sheet. I gently concoct - al dente in salted boiling for 3 min. And then put the sauce on the pasta. In general - particularly been interested - if not lasagna made with fresh pasta and dried, the paste gently pour the boiling water and wait 10 minutes or cooked like pasta - al dente. Products - sauce lasagna are ready prepared form and idea is lightly browned on top and parmedzhanoto sauce to soak in the peel - ie. A bake no more than 10 minutes on high heat.

I forgot to say that the non-thermal processing peel sauce announces be a little bit more.

ma_rri_na, very nice and helpful comments! Lasagna on this recipe already do again and I've never boiled or soaked sheet. I always gets better. Bechamel sauce of hopla 500 ml. Will add it as a weight in the recipe. Thank you :)

In the editorial note that I am not the quantity of bechamel, but as I wrote it is just as I have rules. It was tight and very tasty. neli. mag, thank you :)

and where can I find ready bechamel sauce?

From small shops more difficult, but certainly in the chains (of Hopla)!

Excuse me for ignorance but I want to know what those sheets for lasagna? Most ordinary pastry or special who are just lasagna?

strachiatella, sheet for lasagna nothing to do with these pastry. Special have lasagna, would you recommend the brand Barrila, has in Carrefour, one box peel out two Laza, cost 5 lev something. There are other brands, are located in the stands pasta.

Barilla wanted to write, is confused.

I put a picture of the package of lasagna.

I make the recipe several times and tried other recipes for lasagna, but this was our favorite :)

Mariana_Valkovaq, thanks for the extremely nice comment. In his comment reminded me soon and I do. Thanks