Layered cake with biscuits Didi

Submitted by enr on 14 Jan 2010
125 g butter
2 cup ground walnuts
5 tbsp cocoa
3 tbsp cognac
3-4 eggs
2 cup powdered sugar
825 g biscuits
3-4 tbsp sugar
Layered cake with biscuits Didi
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The butter mix with sugar until fluffy and gradually add eggs lightly scrambled. Sugar is caramelized and after cool down is broken and mixed with the walnuts, cocoa, ground biscuits and brandy. The two mixtures were combined. Then poured into cake form, covered with an oily foil. Presses are good (to all the air out) and left in the cold. The next day turns into a tray, remove fthe oil and pour chocolate optional.
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14 Jan 2010


I like an idea. Will make it soon :)

1 hour before serving it on the room temperature to relax a little. But cut is hard ... Sweet job :)

Do you have a photo of the piece?

Yes to the last 2 pieces :)

I do something like this cakes in the mixture and add a small jar / Baby / jam or strawberry jam. Supreme is!

Oh, that is so delicious as it looks. Immediately put it in favorites. Someday I'll prepare it when saberem Semein with friends, or for some reason.

Oh, I always saw her this picture I'd priyazhda. I once ate kago small, and now imagining what it receives from the description more I docusate. Should try it

recipe for my birthday cake is very expensive, because it was given to me by a loved one. I do it from time to time, and it brings me fond memories :) Here's another idea for presentation. The cake is made in a square pan. Cut into squares. After we stayed each piece is coated or chocolate dipping. The decoration can be anything: chocolate sticks, colored sugar, marzipan flower, etc.

Thanks for the recipe, but in mixed eggs would you explain what we understand

Several times stir with a fork.