Layered cake with chocolate cream 17

Submitted by enr on 24 Nov 2013
6 prepared the base for cake (1 cm thick)
500 ml pastry cream
180 g of dark chocolate
480 g butter
1 cup sugar crystals
1/2 cup water
Layered cake with chocolate cream 17
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Pot over the stove, melt the sugar with water, sugar syrup. Set aside to cool. The soft butter Beat with mixer until turns white. Add sugar syrup and make sure that it is mixed with the butter well. You can also add flavor to vanilla cream. Leave it aside (maybe in the fridge). In saucepan, heat 180 ml cream until boiling (you see that boil, immediately remove it from the heat). Pour it broken into small pieces of chocolate. Leave it off for a minute or two and then mix it homogenization. Ganashat Leave to cool (but not enough to cure). Beat with mixer remaining cream (soft tipped, not too broken) and to it add the chocolate mixture, do not stop stirring will toughen quickly because chocolate. syrup first base (optional), and grease it with a piece of chocolate cream cream. Repeat until the last base (support for the cake you can clamp 3 slamchitsi in the bases, to reinforce it, and not to allow the bases to move until decorate). Finally brush the cake with butter cream (you can fill it with food dye) and decorate optional.
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24 Nov 2013