Homemade cutlets

Submitted by enr on 24 Mar 2010
500 g minced meat
3 eggs
2 cup flour
1 cup Water
savory, black pepper, paprika, cumin, salt
fat frying
Homemade cutlets
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All products are kneaded good without following a certain order. In a pan heat sunflower oil. A tablespoon scoop of the mixture and pour into the pan and gently pressing form schnitzel.
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24 Mar 2010


seems to me easy, will prepare them soon!

I love schnitzel, dnaska lunch will make them

Stasi bravo today will make them and if they will make images easily and Barzani congratulations

schnitzel really easy, quick and very tasty. My children I climbed the walls when they do. Hope you appeal to you and your families. Greetings!

Easy and delicious. Last night I prepared them, are ideal.

Super are very juicy and delicious, often prepare them

Many delicious my family ate them in seconds.

Personally, we were too bakery. Buns with a little minced meat in dough. After izparzhih and Qusay first batch need to add 400 g minced meat, 1 egg and doovkusya. Thus, more reminiscent of a dish of minced meat and managed to save the situation. Moreover, it is best to first break the eggs with water and spices to it, fighting with wire, add flour and finally put the minced meat and kneading.

Aliana -Photos you is perfect!

Thank you, Desi:-)

I do them these cutlets (I have my recipe), but put 1 cup flour and 1 tsp baking soda 1 tsp vinegar. The mixture stand for 15 minutes and then fried them. Become great.

to Desi and I sometimes become very powdery, but it turned out that it is very mince. I noticed that when I change the minced meat, but that does not mean that you have no right to change the recipe to your taste. Pozdarvi. :)

Tonight them prepared on options proposed by vyra59 and I liked! Easy, quick, tasty = Folder Favorites! ;-)

Thank you for reminding me of an old recipe - my mother. In it, as I recall, put grated potatoes and 1-2. I made them your thing recipe were very tasty.

And so I do them. Are great!

You can if you want to try to add the universal spice Maggie, and maybe another half a glass of water :) very tasty become

Very well received!

are really delicious! : O Thank you for the great recipe! : * :)

I forgot to mention that is tried and tested ..! : O Nice appetite of those who prepare them! :)

Some time ago, when there were not many things in the shops were like Siromashki cutlets. Delicious and saved as a last resort. And because I have rules will say - tried.

become great.

great and fast :)

became very delicious! Thanks for the recipe! :)

I just finished eating the most delicious schnitzel ever! Thank you!

Thanks for the recipe! Very well received :)