Layered cake Chocolate fairy

Submitted by enr on 28 Oct 2010
# For the cake:
6 ready rectangular cake for the base - three white and brown 3
1.2 kg sour cream
800 g cooking sweetened cream
400 g white chocolate
200 g of milk chocolate hazelnuts
200 g dark chocolate or chocolate with 74% cocoa
150 g peeled almonds
50 g coconut
1 pod vanilla extract or vanilla
200 g sugar with 50 ml liqueur Amaretto
# For decoration:
400 g white chocolate
300 g cooking chocolate or couverture
400 g marzipan
150 g of powdered sugar
400 g wafer cigar
300 g cooking sweetened cream
Layered cake Chocolate fairy
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Cake: You start with four types of Ghana - white chocolate with almonds, white chocolate with coconut, with milk chocolate with hazelnut and dark chocolate with vanilla. Proceed as follows (similar for all four types): 300 g of sour cream heated to boiling on a hot plate or microwave, add 200 g of chocolate, broken into pieces and stir until chocolate is melted. Add 200 g cooking sweetened cream and additional filling - almond, coconut, vanilla and stir again until a uniform consistency. Leave in the fridge for 15-20 minutes to set. Alternating white and brown base, like syrup with sugar syrup and Spread the bases with different types of Ghana. For the cake on two floors: on the bases shape 4 rectangle with dimensions 27h21 cm. Of the remaining two the base cut two rectangles with dimensions 15/12 cm - external - upper and lower layer of the second floor and use the remaining pieces of the bases for forming the inner bases of the second floor. Leave the cake to harden in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. Decoration: You can make it the day before. Melt white chocolate in a water bath or microwave, staining for cookies and pour into appropriate shapes figures. You let them tight and subtract figures of trays. If necessary, you can do this 2 or 3 times. 150 g of dark chocolate melted pour in shapes (candy, cookies) and shape petals on the 3 flowers. Of the remaining 50 g pour 2 triangular lattices on baking paper. Production of Panels tight leaves gently with melted chocolate to produce flower. Kneading marzipan icing sugar, coloring and sheetable. Cover the cake with martsipanenoto dough and shape. 200 g of heated cooking cream and 100 g cooking chocolate making Ghana gluing and shaping elements of the cake. Garnish with baked cigar, ganasha and chocolate figurines.
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28 Oct 2010


Thanks to Aliana for accurate and complete tips and guidelines for working with marzipan.

ma_rri_na, congratulations. Many've worked hard and the result is fantastic. The recipe is great (sounds delicious killer).

The cake is super Bravo Marina :)

cake with a rich arsenal of chocolates that are pleasant harmony for the palate. Thank you Marina for culinary temptation! I will try to do a lot seduce me.

Beauty! Very beautiful decoration, cake guess is incredibly delicious, well done!

Marina, I just now saw that you put the recipe:-) The cake looks good, it sounds incredibly tasty. Bravo! Hard work, but worth it!

The cake is really delicious!