Layered cake with desire, such as color

Submitted by enr on 05 Aug 2010
3 ready bases
# For the syrup:
1 tbsp sugar
drops rum
drop of vanilla essence
# For the cream:
200 g sour cream
200 g chocolate spread
ground walnuts optional
# For decoration:
60 g creamer
Layered cake with desire, such as color
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The bases are cut with pre-cut pattern or figure in the form of a flower. Boil the syrup of the following products and 1/3 cup water (fresh milk or fruit juice). Cream mix with the chocolate spread to a uniform, smooth cream and stick with it cut bases. Put a base in a large bowl, pierce it with a stick and gently pour on the syrup for the bases, Apply 1/3 of the cream and so placed second base. Pierce and second, syrup is smeared with 1/3 of the cream. Place the third base in the same way as the previous two is completed by 1/3 of the cream. Finally ending with cake smashed on the instructions of the pack creamer. From clippings of the bases can be made figurines for decoration. The finished cake should stand in refrigerator several hours before consumption, it is good if you stand for at least one day. * Between the bases on cream can be sprinkled crushed walnuts
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05 Aug 2010


Excellent idea for making the cake with the materials at hand. Offers: in the middle engrave round cup and there to put the stamens of the flower of fresh flowers. I give it only as an idea, and you decide whether it is appropriate cake is a 2 in 1

Great idea akva7, thanks. but the cake is finished and still can not upload photos. this cake is for shy Valentine 2010.

Bravo neli1100, very good idea for the design. And easy :)

very beautiful way of shaping, bravo, Nelly! And I like the recipe itself!

Many beautiful cake. Congratulations.

Really beautiful and interesting cake!

Many originlno and beautiful. Congratulations.

Many successful form! Bravo, Nelly!

Hello, cake is wonderful. I want to ask about this creamer what and where I can buy, and one more thing how do color pink cake top. Thanks in advance.

creamer cost a dime and is sold in every grocery store, and the colors are achieved as a white cream colored with the desired color.

Beautiful cakes look like Nelly Bravo comes to the courage of cake but I quickly evaporates, my cakes nahlepvam them with cream and sprinkle with almonds, like watching what beauty you create admire you!

steffanell, thank it is with desire!

Nelly, very, very beautiful cake. Bravo. Surely Sofia was very happy.

I forgot to say that I tried the cream is very good.

Nelly is very beautiful, colorful and spring mood! I love it.

Very sweet cake - color and sun!

thank you darling!

great decoration! Bravo! I fell in love! Will surely try :) And where, you get these urinals for cakes? Definitely more to work with than the old baking pan at home. :)