Layered cake Monkey

Submitted by enr on 25 Sep 2010
3 finished the base, brown
8 biscuits, brown
2 cup chocolate (cream) - 200-300 g
1 cup vanilla icing (cream) - 100-200 g
1 cup red cream cakes
2 brown and blue pills M & M
2 jelly rings (brown biscuits)
2 packets of chocolate bars
jelly cherveyeta
fruits optional
sugar syrup
Layered cake Monkey
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Cut with a knife the bases on both sides (as in the diagram). Place one base on the plateau and pour the sugar syrup. Arrange fruit on top, cover with chocolate cream. Place the second base and top it the same way. Place and third base, but without it moist. Pour the entire cake with chocolate icing (cream) and wait for a while to set. Top decorate. Dressing: Place worms as hair. Place jelly circles for eyes and draw them with a syringe with white cream. Fill them also with white cream and place the blue pills. Cookies them clinging together with cream and place them ear. The muzzle of the monkey make her a gun (with light pink creamy white and pink). With pink make smile. And put two pills a brown nose. You can label it according to the occasion. Sprinkle with chocolate sprinkles side by cake.
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25 Sep 2010


very sweet monkey. Bravo!

Many beautiful cake.

Thank you. And with a little more imagination and better can be done ...

Interesting idea, I like it.

Very sweet monkey yi idea is great. Thanks to a shared vision