Layered cake * Parfait Strachatella *

Submitted by enr on 24 Jun 2012
1 kg yoghurt
200 ml cream
200 g white chocolate
100 g of milk chocolate
2 vanilla sugar
40 g ground gelatin
# For the base:
6 eggs
200 g sugar
200 g ground almonds or hazelnuts
the juice and rind of 1 orange
200 g flour
Layered cake * Parfait Strachatella *
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Heat the oven to 180C. Separate the yolks from egg whites and sugar are broken down into a tight snow . To it, stirring slowly, add the juice and grated peel of the orange, then one by one the yolks. Pour ground nuts and mix with a spatula. Finally, add the flour, as also only stir carefully. The dough is poured into a form having a diameter 28 cm and baked for about 50 minutes, then half of the cooking time is coated with foil. Allow to cool and cut into three. Gelatine soaked in about 150 ml water. White chocolate melts in MB. Milk chocolate Grate. Yogurt mix with sugar and vanilla. Add the melted white chocolate. Gelatine was heated in microwave until it melts, but care is taken not to boil. Was added to the cream, stirring vigorously. Finally, put the grated milk chocolate and stir gently. The cream is allowed to stand for some time until it begins to lightly gelled. In the ring cake tightens first base and pour 1/2 of the cream. Insert the second base and pour the remaining cream. Cover with the third base and put in refrigerator to harden - at least 3-4 hours, but the taste and aroma she needs at least 24 hours. The cake is decorated optional. * You hoop to put so that there are several millimeters between it and the base. Each base pour 1/3 of the cream, thus ending cream while cake is finished.
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24 Jun 2012


Sounds very very tasty! Put in favorite in these heats such a cake would be a perfect dessert!

It is very stylish and beautiful, straight no words! How they make these flowers - so soft and fine! Are wonderful!

Incredibly beautiful cake ...

lovely cake! BRAVOOOOO!

Rally, another unique cake, well done you are a true professional!

Thank you very much for the nice words, girls :) described recipe is a top floor of the cake, the bottom is pretseptata Exotic chocolate. Rennie, the flowers are really soft and filigree, wants only to have nice pasta / pastilazh flower, patience, desire and a little skill, not much. Praise you mean a lot to me :)

Rally is great! Very stylish.

Beauty Tenderness! Bravo! Congratulations! This is the aerobatics! I am delighted!

Thank you, girls :)

Rally, very delicate cake!

Thank you, Willie :) girl's mother ordered a cake with pencils and children's drawings, it was very difficult for me to think of pictures, watching the old blocks of my son, to find reasons :) It was interesting that I brought her I had to leave it on the table with little gifts until it find a place on the dresser. People come and gifts piled on it, no one knew that cake, I think is packaged gift :) But luck was not damaged much.

Aliana, I want to ask whether it is better to use a thick sour milk-based example. 4, 5% buff or if you will become like rubber it is more densely + gelatin. 3, 6% better would it?

I also have a question, Rally! Where is placed 200 ml cream or decoration?

No, iris, not for decoration. I missed. Thank you :) of observation Insert whipped snow into yogurt, which is already complicated gelatine. A slightly airy cream and raises percent fat. May be omitted in the absence and gelatin be reduced to 30 years. Iliana cream becomes very tight, quiet you can reduce the gelatin at 30., As already mentioned, and can use more fat milk. 40g are very generously measured and would stiffen and 2 liters of water :) Good luck with cake :)

Rally vaprosche again :) *Yogurt crashed with sugar and vanilla* - vanilla sugar you have in mind and how many grams are these 2 pcs.

Depending on the company between 8 and 10 years and Some packages it says others are not. I put only vanilla sugar or 2 with. L. 2 and vanillin sugar. However, upon addition of the molten chocolate cream try. We like a lot less sweet cake compared to what is consumed in BG :) With that amount becomes fresh cream without definitely sweet - as and grated chocolate in it, and the latter must have been sweet, according to the local taste it enough. If not - just add powdered sugar to taste and stir vigorously:) If you want, put the first yogurt, vanilla sugar, gelatin, white chocolate and samples. If imperative add more powdered sugar and finally put the shattered cream and milk chocolate chips. In this sequence, the cream will be obtained :)

After many questions to boast that I made the cake and I can assure you that it is a unique taste! Very nice orange flavor of marshes, justifiably kiselichak taste of orange juice and yogurt, which combines perfectly with sweet chocolates! Amazing hit. Thank you, Raleigh. Used lightly toasted and ground hazelnuts, sour Mlaka *my* -3. 6% and 40 g. Gelatine. I took the advice at the bottom and the whole cake was covered with cream. Stay day and a half and now is divine! Try her enjoy her :)

Iliana, thanks for the nice review :) I am very happy that the cake is liked and that your work was not in vain! It is good that your patience and your left its time to make as it is delicious :) Enjoy your meal! :)

pictures of the cake in the form of three were made by me, but the cake was made by the wife of my brother for my little nephew :) To be alive and well, and very happy :)

A great cake for a big boy;) Be alive!