Layered cake from ready rolls and cream

Submitted by enr on 21 Mar 2010
3 finished rolls with chocolate filling (250 g)
1/3 cup instant coffee
# For Creamy Cream:
1 liter cream
300 g cottage cheese
300 g brown chocolate spread
300 g white chocolate spread
20 g gelatin
3-4 bananas
Layered cake from ready rolls and cream
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Cream crashed. Add the cottage cheese, and stirring continued. The mixture was divided into two portions. In one part put white chocolate, the other - brown. Mix well. Gelatin is put into water to swell, and then dissolved in a water bath. Half gelatin is poured into brown mixture and the other half - in white. The rolls are cut into pieces 1 cm thick and arrange in a baking dish plate. Moist slightly with instant coffee. On the first line put brown cream Arrange bananas, sliced ​​and cream again. Top ranks second roll, slightly syrupy, put the white cream, banana cream again. Top ranks third line roll, which is also moist with instant coffee. The cake is decorated with the remaining cream cream. Optional can be decked with ground walnuts, chocolate sprinkles, fruit.
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21 Mar 2010


1/3 instant coffee is dissolved in water, is not it ...

Yes, coffee is dissolved in water. It is only for syrup. To me was the need 1/3 cup, but can go higher, depending on how moist the rolls.

trixcy. Thanks for the quick response, the recipe I loved those days will prepare ... your photos are perfect ... I can not wait to eat!

I'm glad you liked the recipe. Will be happy and I can see your photos :) I just forgot to mention that the curd must be desalinated, but I think it is understood :)