Layered cake Winnie the Pooh

Submitted by enr on 05 May 2010
# 1 base 30x30:
5 eggs
1 cup sugar
1 and 1/2
5 g baking powder
citrus essence
2 cream powder vanilla (Paradies Creme of Dr.Oetker) or other vanilla cream of your choice
400 ml milk - for cream if you use cream powder
3 kiwi
3 bananas
citrus essence
Глазура Shaum (Royal icing)
paint confectionery
coconut - green
# For decoration and syrup:
sugar and water syrup
Парено dough - marzipan Varna
Layered cake Winnie the Pooh
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Make two is the base size 30x30 cm. Eggs with the sugar crash about 10 minutes. Add flour sifted with baking powder, spoon by spoon and finally essence. Pour into pan size 30x30 covered with baking paper, greased and floured. Bake until ready. The bases are allowed to cool on a grid. Cream, stir and add a little flavor. Cream was prepared in the manner described. Cake piecing as follows: base, syrup is, put it around cream, kiwi fruit (sliced), banana (sliced) cream. Top placed second base and syrupy. Spread on all sides with cream. Roll out a thin crust of marzipan cake and spread out across the top only. Spread lightly with sugar syrup and stuck Pooh, hearts and inscriptions (they are chocolate). Syringes are cream on the side of the cake. Lining and flowers (pre-made and glued with chocolate toothpicks). Around them is dusted with coconut. Winnie the Pooh and the flowers are made in the following way: Print on a sheet, put the top transparent foil and sprayed by first outline of icing, colored in the color, leave to trim at least 10 minutes, and then filled. So we stayed at least 2 days in the sun as the top is put back foil.
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05 May 2010


AUUUUU how beautiful. BRAVO !!!

Is this Winnie the Pooh, who did not want to harden ???? Become is GREAT! Bravo!

:) Yes it is!Of strong sunlight and after several unsuccessful attempts result is :))))))))) And rozhdennichkata many liked.Thank you girls.

Leleeeeeeee what beauty. Congratulations!

Great torta- us Pooh our favorite :)

Here cake decorated only by the cream and some chocolate.

Here's another Pooh collection :)