Layered cake with yogurt

Submitted by enr on 26 Aug 2009
360 g biscuits (3 pack)
1.2 kg yogurt
400 g flour
300 g sugar
250 g of margarine or butter
vanilla or other flavoring of your choice
Layered cake with yogurt
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We prepare as we put the cream in saucepan the milk, sugar, flour and essence to boil. Stir constantly and being careful not to burn (low heat) until thickened cream. To the cream can put grated chocolate or cocoa powder. Wait slightly cool this cream and add the margarine or the butter. Arrange in a suitable form row biscuits, cream line and so on until finally finished with cream. Top decoration can put grated chocolate, crushed walnuts or another of your choice.
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26 Aug 2009
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Last night I did such cakes. In milk put sweet blackberry. Top also sprinkled with him and objectives fruits. Nice dessert!

which was performed today! Me and my family do not like, it is very sour for our taste and added 450 g of sugar per given quantity of products. When poured it I tried it and I thought of tasteless, without any hint of sourness. Apparently the boiling intensifies the taste. I have pictures and go.

How yogurt boil? Something did not understand, to not talking about milk. I've done one, but with milk cream, but with sour ...

:) Put it on the stove and see how it will boil! :) No error milk!

I'm skeptical of yogurt, but surely the key is that the flour is added at the beginning. Will try, but with a small dose first time.

Pastry became great :) I followed the basic products, but made it in small amounts with 2 packages biscuits' Sunrise', 1 pot of 500 g. yogurt, a half hour. cup of sugar and flour, 100 grams. oil and vanillin 2. Washed over her top with melted chocolate in a water bath (2 pcs) + 1c. l. oil. Rustic, simple, fast, but very tasty.

It was a very pleasant and light cake. Washed over her top with caramel sauce.