Lazy vine dolmas

Submitted by enr on 14 Oct 2010
1 jar grape leaves
1 carrot
2-3 tomatoes
350 g rice
1 bunch fresh dill
pepper, paprika, salt, mint
sunflower oil
Lazy vine dolmas
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Vine leaves drain and cut into strips. Add to it shredded carrots and tomatoes, chopped dill and other spices to taste. Bay with water, put 1-2 tbsp sunflower oil and put to boil. After 10-15 minutes of cooking add the washed and cleaned rice. Dish simmer to full readiness of rice.
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14 Oct 2010


This recipe I have read and heard, but this is not tinsel and *vine leaves with rice* (my opinion)I suppose it would be too tasty, but for beginners business women.

Yes, definitely not stuffed vine leaves, so call them lazy :) The dish is ideal for cases in which not much time for cooking;)

I'll try this recipe. I've done something similar, but instead put carrots and tomatoes eggs and cheese rice when it is almost ready, then transfer to a baking dish and bake in the oven. Can be done and sauce of milk and eggs to give something like moussaka. It is very tasty.

Milena will necessarily try with topping. I have not thought so far, thanks for the idea :)

Can be prepared in the oven, without boil on stove?

may even last night cooked them so - put everything in a big pot :)

long you do such lazy stuffed cabbage, but instead of carrots and tomatoes to put kaymichka.

Long ago I cooked this cooked meal, but they brought me fresh vine leaves, which were too small for stuffed cabbage. This time does not lazily prepared :) dampened leaves in boiling water and left them to boil for 3-4 minutes. Choked leaves a bunch green onions, I added chopped grape leaves, rice, fresh mint and dill. Flooded with water and let it simmer on low heat.