Lukanka of horsemeat

Submitted by enr on 24 Dec 2014
25 kg of horsemeat
10 kg pork
6 kg salo
980 g salt
140 g sugar
140 g pepper
140 g cumin
saltpeter - optional, but not more than 0.4 g for kg
Salo meat and cut into pieces. Place in a large pot, add salt and all spices and mix well. Allow about 1 hour to allow the meat to absorb the salt, followed by grinding into fine. The resulting mince is kneaded well to be distributed evenly spices, then the roof (with nylon or bag) and left in the dark at a slight incline for 48-72 hours. If you put saltpetre, it should add it after take these 48 hours, then knead well again. Saltpeter is added to not darken the meat. After the entire procedure in full mince thoroughly washed intestine, in turn 20-25 cm. Tied well, then allow to dry. After one day pierce sausages with needle to air out. If you do lukanka, it must put sudzhutsi between two heavy plates in the form of a horseshoe. Appetizers ready to leave in cold room to hang about 2-3 weeks (personal choice), then they are ready for consumption.
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24 Dec 2014