Mess nettle with poached eggs

Submitted by enr on 08 Apr 2010
400-500 g nettle
4-5 tbsp sunflower oil
3-4 tbsp flour
garlic (fresh or old)
4-8 eggs
50-60 g butter
1 tsp paprika
Mess nettle with poached eggs
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Nettle is washed well, boiled in salted water, drain from the water and cut into small pieces. Flour fry in the oil until lightly redness, add the chopped nettles and pour nettle infusion to obtain the density of the slurry. Tries of salt. Once the boil a few minutes, add crushed old or finely chopped fresh garlic and remove from fire. Break the eggs from the lower pan of boiling, lightly salted water and boil to whiten the whites. Remove with latticed spoon and put on the mess in serving dishes (1 or 2 eggs per serving). Watered with the heated butter, colored with paprika. * Eggs may braised eyes. Then in the remaining butter in the pan lightly fry the red pepper and pour. * The mess can be done in winter with dried nettle.
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08 Apr 2010


ohhhhhh how much I love her ... now her do this yummy :)

I also love her mess, but there sorrel.

medenka, akva7 - I think a lot of people love this mess, especially in this season. With the addition of sorrel is also delicious :)