Mini pizza calzone

Submitted by enr on 01 Nov 2010
# For the dough:
20 g yeast
1 cup milk
700-800 g flour
1/2 cup sunflower oil
salt (about 1 level with. l.)
sugar (for yeast)
# For the filling:
cheese - strips
ham (salami) - strips
tomato paste
Mini pizza calzone
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Zakvasyavame yeast (stir it into a cup of warm water and sugar and leave to swell). In a separate bowl put about 500 g flour with 1/2. L. Salt and add the yeast, milk and the oil. Knead it nice and slowly begin adding the remaining flour until dough is not too hard, remain to rise 15 minutes. During this time 1-2 Blend tomatoes and Boil them with a little salt and pepper (or use tomato paste). Then the dough make small balls (about 80 g each) and flattening them in buns. Then mazhem with tomato paste and cheese and salami redim or other sausage (several bars). Turn rolls and arrange them in a greased with sunflower oil pan. Bake 15-20 minutes at 200 degrees. 5 minutes before removing the mini pizzas, sprinkle with grated cheese.
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01 Nov 2010


For the first time I've pizza calzone, long chose this recipe and I liked it, I do not know whether my mini pizzas, but they are really delicious, I was concerned that it is not baked stuffing may not be so tasty, but get well, thank you for the recipe :)

fir pizza for how long people (above bellow that is relatively :)) I'm not very bode in pasta to know to make two .. thanks

:) Hello mihaela, long time ago that I made pizzas from a given quantity is nayadohme two people, but maybe for three to go ... good luck!

Hello! I no longer log in and have not seen the comments. Pizza going for breakfast but also for between meals, but I'm not certain whether and two will come: D ... In principle, I do make the size of the buns and so filling better bake. Next time do will upload photos, you can see the size of the mine pizzas. Glad you liked the recipe, because it is my contraption.

will make you a finished dough because I am too lazy to interfere

It should be made and finished dough.