Nests of mince and rice stuffing

Submitted by enr on 01 Jul 2012
# sockets:
500 g minced meat
1 head onion
1 egg
seasonings of your choice- cumin, black priper, savory
1 cup cooked rice
# For the filling:
300 g chicken breasts
5-6 mushrooms
50 g feta cheese or cream processed cheese
50 ml cooking cream
150 g of cheese, and 50 g for the filler cap for the rest of Crisp
spices of your choice
Nests of mince and rice stuffing
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Minced meat is kneaded with chopped onion and spices, add the egg and nice kneaded mince, then add cooked and drained rice and good kneaded and put in the fridge to harden nice. During this time, make the filling - the chicken is cut into chunks and fry lightly, add mushrooms if they are small and can use. By pozaparzhi added processed cheese or cream cheese, stirred to dissolve, add cooking cream and was stirred continuously and then added 50 g of cheese and stirred again to melt the cheese. Of minced meat make nests and an indentation, which puts the mixture put it to bake for about 10 minutes on 180C to bake mince nice and then the top is placed on a piece of cheese and bake until ready cheese. Serve warm.
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01 Jul 2012